Mind Body Soul Journal – Month 9

Welcome to Month 9


Plug In : Grounded, Rooted and Centered


This month I want you to plug in and follow this guided relaxating meditation. Allow it to gently  guide you towards expanded awareness and a joyous sense of harmony and freedom to be who you are meant to be in this universe. You will feel completely relaxed, deeply safe as you become grounded, rooted and centered into your Mind Body Soul and your true authentic self. As you gently follow the guidance and visualization, the blue print for your true life design and soul signature will be revealed.


Think about this months ‘Soul Questions’ you might want to ask during your silent time.


Enjoy and remember the quote by 

Lao Tzu — ‘At the center of your beingyou have the answer;you know who you areand you know what you want.’


Feel free to mail me and let me know how your are finding the audio mediations and relaxation mail@andreahayes.ie






September 1, 2019


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