Mind Body Soul Journal – Month 8


Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.


This month we are reading all about vibration and energy. Unknowingly we all have the ability to read the universal language of energy.


All people radiate energy. You might even feel it from a place as soon as you enter into a new space!


Maybe you’ve said ‘I didn’t like the Vibe’ or when your in the presence of someone whose energy you are like, you might say ‘they had a positive vibe’


We all know how to read energy and this month it’s time to quieten your mind and tune into the frequency and vibration you are emitting. Also begin to listen to the inner voices and feelings about what energy you are attracting, so that you can recognise the energy around you both positive and negative.


As always go with your Mind Body Soul inner knowing, it’s that instinct or gut feeling. This is your higher self communicating – so trust it!


Don’t forget to journal afterwards and before you start listening, try to think briefly about your soul questions and ask them during the silence. Enjoy!


Let me know how you get on by emailing me at mail@andreahayes.ie






July 30, 2019


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