My Life Goals Journal

There are times in our lives that lend themselves to starting something new. Why not begin 2017 with ‘My Life Goals Journal’. I share my wellness strategies that will help you transform your life. Embrace positive thinking and the power of journaling. Make it your intention to invest in yourself and begin your own life goals journal this new year and attract abundance and wellness.


My Life Goals Journal is available from Gill Books

Reviews of My Life Goals Journal 

 ‘A once-in-a-generation book that comes along and suddenly your whole life seems to slot into place. There’s inspiration on every page and it’s brimming with wonderful, life-affirming messages you’ll want to live by. Everyone I know is getting a copy.’ 

Claudia Carroll


‘A guided plan to making manageable steps to transforming you life, as a fan of goal setting, this book not only walks you through how to crack a game plan while inspiring you but makes it easy and fun. Andreas overall positivity is infectious, this book is the first page of the rest of your life’ 

Brendan Courtney


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