Mind Body Soul Journal


A beautiful journal to help you find more meaning and fulfilment amidst the chaos of daily life.

When we learn how to create harmony between our mind, body and soul, we not only feel in balance, our lives have colour and passion. A sense of belonging returns and we feel we are truly living out our life’s purpose.

This timeless journal creates a space for introspection and self-discovery that will help you regain a renewed sense of freedom and fulfilment as you follow the twelve-step strategy. Beautifully illustrated, with notes pages for monthly journaling, this transformative journal is an indispensable companion if you want to live a more focused, positive life.


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Introduction to the ‘Mind, Body Soul Journal’ meditations and relaxations.


For me wellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and soul that results in an overall feeling of wellness and something we should all enjoy. The MBS journal will take you towards finding wellness in everything from health, to work and relationships, and guide you to finding your own success through making it your intention to develop and focus on your unique life purpose and soul signature.


Our thoughts and intentions are the seeds to achieving our goals, but many of us need help to harness our intentions and put them to good use. So make it your intention TODAY to create balance in your Mind, Body and Soul by taking time to listen to your daily mediation and taking time to journal and make space to answer some of the soul questions outlined in the Mind Body Soul Journal.


There is mounting evidence to support the role of the mind in goal setting, healing, sport psychology and living a healthier more balanced life. I truly believe everyone can have success with meditation, relaxation and hypnosis if they can harness the Mind-Body-Soul connection. You can use extra journals if need for different themes’, like a gratitude, dreams, soul questions etc. or maybe just use the space provided in the book to explore the insights that come up for you.


My free meditations are just a guide and for some they might be too basic while for others it might be the perfect way to ease into the practice of meditating daily.


The hypnotherapeutic meditation will be very effective in helping you change your thought processes and eventually how you see yourself, the world around you and indeed it might help you change your behaviors, challenge self limiting beliefs and help you feel self-confident focused and unlock the magic and wisdom within you to enable you live your best life.


Set up a realistic scheduled time to meditate daily. I would ask you to Set aside 20 minutes where you won’t be disturbed in an environment that is relatively quiet, ideally listen with headphones and have your journal ready for any insights that may emerge through out your meditations. Even if it feels weird at first don’t under estimate the power of meditation and deep relation to access the Alpha brain state, it really can be the gateway to the inner wisdom we all possess. Please try to stick to one meditation for a month and go over the themes in the chapter to really help you make the breakthroughs you need.


Meditation is an entirely subjective practice and there is no right or wrong way to meditate, if my way isn’t working seek out a way that works for you, there are many classes and groups to help you find what style suits you – explore the options and find what sits best with you, just sitting in silence and breathing is meditating.


Each meditation will have a relaxing introduction, a short message about the theme and some quiet time for you to set ask your soul questions and meditate on the answers, this will start with a bell and then after a certain amount of time the bell will sound again and I will slowly bring you out of the relaxation and meditation so you are ready to continue on with your day.


It is an entirely subjective practice and there is no right or wrong way to meditate


Listen to Mind, Body, Soul meditations here



Dog Tales – Heart-warming tales of rescue dogs who rescued their owners right back


‘Maybe these animals are angels in disguise? It often seems like the right owner and that special dog came into each other’s lives at the perfect time for a miracle to occur. Each provides joy, healing, patience, courage, gratitude and of course unconditional love – the perfect virtues often missing in society.’


Dog Tales contains 13 heart-warming stories of dogs that have been given a second chance at happiness and of the dedicated owners who found a place in their hearts and homes for the abandoned and often traumatised animals. These unique and often heartbreaking tales touch on all the ways dogs impact on our lives and poignantly capture the bond between human and canine. Filled with touching stories of love, loss and transformation these dog tales will uplift your soul, as you laugh, cry and fall in love with these amazing animals who often rescue their new owners right back.


We meet Penney the pit bull, abandoned at her most vulnerable but who found love with a couple who take her everywhere- even to work. There is Skittles, a terrified Shih Tzu who is rescued from a puppy farm but finds love and canine companionship with Jay, a large bearded Collie and we hear how a three-legged dog called Mick taught Andrea life lessons about living in the moment and thriving despite health challenges.


Andrea also reveals how working with dogs has helped her on her own journey through chronic pain and fertility issues and how the dogs she has encountered have touched her life in different ways, often when she needed it most.


‘A powerful book no animal lover will be able to resist. Andrea’s tender tales of human-canine connection will touch your soul and remind you of why dogs play such central roles in the lives of their human companions. Her passionate advocacy for those neglected, forgotten creatures their owners failed will make you want to open your heart and home to one of your own.’ John Grogan, author of Marley & Me



Dog Tales, is available from GillBooks.ie


My Life Goals Journal


‘These strategies worked for me and I know they can work for you too.’ Andrea Hayes


Do you dream of creating a change in your life but feel stuck or unsure where to start? Andrea Hayes’ inspirational and practical journal will help you clarify what you really want for the year ahead so you can begin to manifest the life of your dreams.


Inside, you will find a twelve-step strategy to help you identify your goals and focus on each one, month by month.

With space provided for monthly journaling, helpful exercises for overcoming your own personal mental blocks, and Andrea’s free hypnosis downloads designed to let you relax and access your most authentic self, this book will help you to stop drifting and form new habits that will transform your life.


‘A once-in-a-generation book that comes along and suddenly your whole life seems to slot into place. There’s inspiration on every page and it’s brimming with wonderful, life-affirming messages you’ll want to live by. Everyone I know is getting a copy.’  Claudia Carroll


‘Andrea’s overall positivity is infectious. This book is the first page of the rest of your life.’ Brendan Courtney


For monthly audio hypnosis click here


My Life Goals Journal: Wellness strategies to transform your life, is available from GillBooks.ie

About the Book


This transformative, enlightening, and inspiring book is a must-read for anyone who has acute or chronic pain or who is recovering from illness. Andrea’s uplifting account of changing her life will provide encouragement and support to those struggling to cope, and her daily relaxation hypnosis will be a great tool for those trying to restore balance and wellness into their day to day life.


Her compelling and candid story of life with constant pain is an insightful and thought-provoking read for family, friends, and loved ones who want to support and understand the daily struggle of life with an invisible illness.


Andrea_[Hospital-Pic-262px]This deeply personal and refreshingly honest book chronicles Andrea’s life story and her search for answers to her elusive and mysterious constant pain, from hospital to hospital, misdiagnosis, and many different doctors. Her journey of pain begins in childhood after suffering severe meningitis, and sees her travel to specialists in London and New York, until a final diagnosis of a rare brain disorder called Chiari Malformation 1 forced her to take time off work and focus on her health. What started as a three-month break from her TV career leads her on a life-altering journey. Having attended two in-house specialist pain management programmes in hospital, Andrea decided to create her own wellness plan and for the first time go public with her secret pain.


Andrea’s innermost thoughts are recorded in intimate accounts from her private diary. After her diagnosis, Andrea took time off work to embark on her journey of healing. On her road to wellness, she realized that she can no longer hide the pain, but to find a place of peace she must deal with the deep anger and despair she has, and deal with her emotions.  Andrea’s frankness and candor may prove to be eye opening for many but for those battling the reality of chronic pain her words will inspire and resonate. From tears of pain to tears of joy, her deeply honest daily diary entries provide often a humorous insight into life in a world of daily pain.





For the second part of the book Andrea reveals her own wellness Plan.


A step by step guide to Andrea’s own personal pain management program. Her search for a pain free life explores the power of the mind and how she found hypnosis and a positive mind set central to her wellness. Andrea trained and became a certified clinical hypnotherapist and believes in self-healing by harnessing the power of the mind, she shares her self-created daily relaxation hypnosis as a tool for readers, which accompanies the book. Her positive approach and practical blueprint to living well with a chronic illness will be illuminating for readers.


Pain-Free Life: My Journey to Wellness is available online through DubrayBooks.ie